Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds are best suited to wide window expanses often with sliding glass doors typically used as a patio door. This is because they stack off to the side rather than at the top of the window. This allows you to move freely in and out of the door with the blinds drawn to one side. Vertical blinds use a generally wider slat and you pull a cord to stack the slats together. The slats can be rotated via a rotating shaft in the upper head rail housing. This allows the light to pass through when tilted in the open position.

They can be used for windows that are not part of a patio door and full height but are not best suited to very narrow windows. They also tend to get less dusty comparing to venetian blinds simply because they are vertical. Hence they are easy to keep clean. Vertical blinds are durable and give good light control. That is why Vertical blinds are the very popular option in UK.

Our vertical blinds are made of polyester and PVC. You can choose the fabrics to suit moisture environment, fire resistance and easy wipe options.